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Westport Continuing Education
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The Westport Arts Center presents Awesome 3D Art (grades K-5)

Think outside the literal box: 3D art is more than just clay sculpture. 3D can mean colorful polymer action figures, wearable art, pop-up art, soft fiber and fabric sculpture, even your very own personalized pom-poms. We’ll introduce your student to all of the above, plus more super innovative, super creative methods of making 3D art. Along the way, they’ll learn about contemporary artists whose works run the gamut from paper maché to appliquéd tapestries. Why make two-dimensional art when you can make art that literally pops off the table?

The Westport Arts Center presents Awesome 3D Art (grades K-5)
703a - LLS 4/8
Mo  3:20-4:50pm
Westport Arts Center Long Lots Elementary School
703b - KHS 4/23
Tu  3:20-4:50pm
Westport Arts Center King's Highway Elementary School
703c - GFS 4/24
We  3:20-4:50pm
Westport Arts Center Greens Farms Elementary School
703d - SES 4/25
Th  2:50-4:20pm
Westport Arts Center Saugatuck Elementary School
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