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Programs by Topic: Driver Education with The Next Street

Why Choose the Next Street? Simply: because we care about you. Our team of people genuinely love their jobs and love helping people take this important step in their lives. Does the thought of enrolling feel like another chore to you? There’s a full in-house and local team available to answer anything, quickly (And not with driving instructors, doubling as customer service, while also on the road, like other places). We're available, accessible, helpful, local, and really, really nice.  

Location: SHS 1034

Flexible make-up classes & driving lessons | Avoid the DMV for license testing!

The price for the full program is $639 or $99 for the 8-hour program.
On December 27, the price will increase to $659 for the full program 
or $149 for the 8-hour Safe Driving & Alcohol & Drug Education class only

For information or to enroll, call The Next Street (203) 293-1720 or visit thenextstreet.com/staples

Driver's Education in Westport CT

Driver's Education in Westport CT