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Sports and Fun Adventures Camp - February Vacation (grades K-5)

Bored by board games? Tired of TV? Join us for a camp that’s all about physical fun... just for the heck of it. Because—admit it—you might not miss math class, but you definitely miss gym! Staffed by WPS PE teachers, Sports & Fun Adventures features age-appropriate activities in a safe setting. Put down that deck of cards, shove Monopoly back in the closet, and join us for pro ball, pirates’ gold, sink the ship, crossover, pinball, basketball, wiffle ball, team handball, tag games, scooters, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey, and much more. Rollerblading and snowshoeing offered for grades 3-5 only. Bring drinks and peanut-free snacks. If you’re staying all, day bring your A game and don’t forget to bring a nut-free lunch!

Full day (#838a), morning  (#838b) and afternoon (#838c) options!

Sports and Fun Adventures Camp - February Vacation (grades K-5)
838a - All Day 2/19
Tu  8:15am-3:15pm
We  8:15am-3:15pm
Th  8:15am-3:15pm
Fr  8:15am-3:15pm
Mitteness, Lombardi
838b - AM 2/19
Tu  8:15-11:30am
We  8:15-11:30am
Th  8:15-11:30am
Fr  8:15-11:30am
Mitteness, Lombardi
838c - PM 2/19
Tu  12-3:15pm
We  12-3:15pm
Th  12-3:15pm
Fr  12-3:15pm
Mitteness, Lombardi
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