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Westport Continuing Education
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Strength,Conditioning, Agility and Mobility

Learn and utilize the principles of targeted workouts and improve your overall fitness and conditioning. The objectives of this course include familiarizing the athlete with various strength and conditioning movements including body weight movements as well as free weight movements. Athletes will also learn proper techniques for conditioning, agility and mobility work.

#189a - for entering 10th-12th grade varsity football players (6:30-8:00 am)
#189b - for entering 9th grade football and lacrosse athletes (8:00-9:15  am)

Strength,Conditioning, Agility and Mobility
189a (entering 10-12 varsity football) 6/24
Mo  6:30-8am
We  6:30-8am
Fr  6:30-8am
Zames Staples High School
189b (entering 9th grade football and lacrosse players) 6/24
Mo  8-9:15am
We  8-9:15am
Fr  8-9:15am
Zames Staples High School
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