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American Government

American Government  (1/2 credit) may only be taken for advancement in social studies.  

To qualify to take American Government over the summer, students must:
(1)   have earned credit in U.S. History, U.S. History Honors, or AP U.S. History;
(2)   have earned credit or are enrolled for a minimum of 0.5 credit in social studies beyond the graduation requirement for the academic year immediately preceding or following the summer in which the course is taken; and
(3)    receive written approval from the Social Studies department chair.

Staples High School Program of Studies description:


Prerequisite: Completion of U.S. History; Open to juniors and seniors only.

American Government is a survey course that meets the state civics requirement for graduation. The course is designed for students to build an appreciation for the intricacies of governance on the federal, state and local levels as they develop the skills to be engaged citizens. This course fosters a deep understanding of how the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government operate in America. Important topics in the course include the process by which bills become laws, the pressures that affect lawmakers, the meaning of the Bill of Rights, the role of the Supreme Court in interpreting the Bill of Rights, the points of view of the candidates on the issues in election years, and discussion of current events. Students will be required to research, write, and present arguments about key issues and historically significant court cases. 

Reminder:  No online registrations for high school credit courses.  To register for any high school credit course, students must have prior written approval from their school counselor and  department head.  Click here to download registration form. Parent must also initial on the registration form acknowledging that there are no refunds or credits for withdrawals from high school academic credit courses.

If a student misses more than 2 days of class for any reason, credit will not be granted for the course. Students who have lost credit will have the opportunity to appeal to have their credit reinstated. To appeal, please complete the Principal's Hearing Request Form from the Main Office. The deadline for appeals is August 15.

American Government
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