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The Pen*Stars Creativity Club (grades K-4)

The Pen*Stars Creativity Club incorporates music, drama, art, and brain-stimulating games and activities in order to foster our studentsí unique gifts and enhance their creativity, writing (including spelling and vocabulary), presentation, and public speaking skills in a fun and innovative way. Our hands-on activities are designed with children's needs, interests, and skill levels in mind; we know that every child is unique, and we think their experiences should be too. On the last day, parents are invited to attend a showcase of our Pen*Starsí work. Stories created by children may be featured in The Pen*Stars Series, an interactive book series created by children, for children.

Please note: our catalog listed #342a as taking place on Tuesdays at LLS but that class will take place on Tuesdays at SES from 2:50-3:50 pm. This update is reflected on our website.

The Pen*Stars Creativity Club (grades K-4)
342a - SES 1/29
Tu  2:50-3:50pm
Pen*Stars Saugatuck Elementary School
342b - KHS 1/30
We  3:20-4:20pm
Pen*Stars King's Highway Elementary School
342c - GFS 1/25
Fr  3:20-4:20pm
Pen*Stars Greens Farms Elementary School
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