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Exercising creativity, togetherness and community is vital for ourselves and our young ones. Guided by Filmmakers Ink professionals, our filmmakers and actors learn by doing as they develop key creative and technical skills required for exceptional creativity.

Filmmakers Ink programs are designed to give students solid lifelong hacks with which to access, develop, and express creative ideas and turn them into movies. Under the leadership of award-winning filmmaker Patrick McCullough, who is also an Actor Coach for Hollywood in Europe, including working with Adrien Brody on the Houdini Mini-Series, and coaching the 'bad guy' in Charlize Theron's, Atomic Blonde, Filmmakers Ink has set itself apart from other film camps by focusing on the most challenging part of the process: how to come up with and develop good ideas for great films.

For more information, visit www.Filmmakers-Ink.com or contact Patrick McCullough at (413) 320-6071.

210b (SHS) Special FX Filmmaking / Stop Motion (Grades 3-5)

Class has been Canceled




9/21 to 11/16


Tu  4:50-5:50 pm



  • Staples High School
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