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World Champion Taekwondo (grades K-5)

An official sport of the Summer Olympics, taekwondo offers numerous physical and mental benefits, including increased strength, cardio endurance, flexibility, greater mental focus, and a confidence that can expand into all areas of students' lives. World Champion students will not only build and refine their motor skills; they’ll also learn goal setting, respect, and discipline. There is no fighting or contact. Students will receive a free uniform on the first day of class. At the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to take a belt promotion test at WCT to get their yellow belt and a trophy (test fee of $60). Returning students who have earned a yellow belt are welcome to return and work toward higher-level belts.

World Champion Taekwondo (grades K-5)
324a - SES 1/28
Mo  2:50-3:50pm
World Championship Taekwondo Master Jang Saugatuck Elementary School
324b - KHS 1/30
We  3:20-4:20pm
World Championship Taekwondo Master Jang King's Highway Elementary School
324c - CES 1/25
Fr  3:20-4:20pm
World Championship Taekwondo Master Jang Coleytown Elementary School
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