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Tell Your Story: You Deserve to Be Heard! (entering 7-9)

The names for those who keep and transmit the oral history of any given culture differ, but all cultures have some kind of storytelling tradition. In medieval Britain, storytellers were called bards; in Africa, griots or jelis. In ancient times, stories were spoken or sung; today, we compose them in rap and with emojis. Whether you’re Shakespeare or just someone with a tale to tell—and who doesn’t have at least one great story?—join us to share yours and listen to new ones. We’ll explore oral storytelling as you learn the art and craft of using your voice to tell your tale. Explore presentation techniques, active listening, revising, and editing work in progress in a safe, supportive, and low stakes/high fun environment. No experience necessary to join us on this storytelling adventure!

Tell Your Story: You Deserve to Be Heard! (entering 7-9)
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