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Mad Science presents Molecular Motion Mysteries (grades 1-4)

Mad Science transforms laboratory science into fun, interactive learning experiences for kids.

Uncover the secrets behind the forces that keep our world—and everything in it—moving. Meet Sir Isaac Newton and learn his three Laws of Motion. Explore super power sources, turn water into electricity, and assemble a chemical battery that powers up a tiny toy. Construct a catapult and hold onto your hat as you discover how powerful potential energy can be. Get connected with telecommunications, track a cellular user, and discover cities of light formed by fiber optics. Make a robot score a goal or navigate a maze. Dazzle your eyes with colorful chemical experiments. Discover how animals move and see how sea creatures skedaddle. In short, celebrate marvelous, magical, mobile movement.

Mad Science programs are aligned with CT's Next Generation Science Standards and correlate with CT's GK-5 Science Curriculum (Properties of Matter, Science & Technology in Society, Structure & Function, Heredity & Evolution, Matter and Energy Systems, Energy Transfer & Transformations, Forces & Motion, Earth in the Solar System, The Changing Earth).

Mad Science presents Molecular Motion Mysteries (grades 1-4)
915a - SES 1/29
Mo  2:50-3:50pm
Mad Science Saugatuck Elementary School
915b - GFS 1/30
Tu  3:20-4:20pm
Mad Science Greens Farms Elementary School
915c - KHS 1/31
We  3:20-4:20pm
Mad Science King's Highway Elementary School
915d - LLS 1/26
Fr  3:20-4:20pm
Mad Science Long Lots Elementary School
915e - CES 1/26
Fr  3:20-4:20pm
Mad Science Coleytown Elementary School
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