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World Champion Taekwondo (grades K-5)

Taekwondo offers physical and mental benefits: increased strength, cardio endurance, and flexibility, plus greater mental focus and a confidence that can expand into all areas of students' lives. World Champion students will not only build and refine their motor skills, but they’ll also learn goal setting, respect, and discipline. There is no fighting or contact. Students will receive a free uniform, which can be picked up at WCT in Westport. At the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to take the promotion belt test at WCT (test fee of $60) to get their yellow belt and a trophy. Returning students who have earned a yellow belt are welcome to return and work toward higher level belts.

World Champion Taekwondo (grades K-5)
324a - SES 1/29
Mo  2:50-3:50pm
World Championship Taekwondo Master Jang Saugatuck Elementary School
324b - CES 1/30
Tu  3:20-4:20pm
World Championship Taekwondo Master Jang Coleytown Elementary School
324c - KHS 1/31
We  3:20-4:20pm
World Championship Taekwondo Master Jang King's Highway Elementary School
324d - LLS 1/26
Fr  3:20-4:20pm
World Championship Taekwondo Master Jang Long Lots Elementary School
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