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Happy Code Club presents Minecraft: Computer Science (grades 3-5)

Happy Code Club’s mission is to empower students with the ability, tools, and knowledge needed to excel in STEM related fields.

Computer scientists are in high demand these days, and they do some of the coolest stuff on earth! They design the games you play online, program the drones that will someday deliver your groceries, and build the software systems that help the police catch criminals. If you’re interested in being a computer science superhero someday, this is the class for you. You’ll learn about event-driven programming and what the three basic Boolean logic operators are and how to use them. Just like computer scientists do, you’ll build devices and test them in a virtual world you create. And while you might not be ready to program a drone, you will learn to use Microsoft Makecode to program Agent, your own personal robot! 

Happy Code Club presents Minecraft: Computer Science (grades 3-5)
631a - CES 4/23
Tu  3:20-4:20pm
Happy Code Club Coleytown Elementary School
631b - LLS 4/23
Tu  3:20-4:20pm
Happy Code Club Long Lots Elementary School
631c - GFS 4/24
We  3:20-4:20pm
Happy Code Club Greens Farms Elementary School
631d - KHS 4/26
Fr  3:20-4:20pm
Happy Code Club King's Highway Elementary School
631e - SES 4/26
Fr  2:50-3:50pm
Happy Code Club Saugatuck Elementary School
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