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Summer 2018: Discovery Camp: Morning Program / 8:30 am-12:30 pm

With morning, afternoon, and full-day options, Discovery Camp is an action-packed, highly enriched, and flexible alternative to regular old day camp. Time for lunch is included in morning camp. Pack a peanut-free lunch and snacks or purchase box lunches from Chartwells (click here for lunch purchase form link: https://events.westportps.org/summer-camp-lunch-request/). 

Sign up for mornings, then pick an afternoon activity from the many options.

Mornings (8:30 am - 12:30 pm) include an ever-changing schedule of everyone's favorite summer camp activities: arts & crafts, games, sports, and all kinds of outdoor fun made a little smarter, with a sprinkling of literacy, math, and science. Your kids won't notice how much they're learning. All they'll notice is how much fun they're having. Check out some of our super duper summer-licious activities:

Wacky Water Days
Summer is sizzling. What better way to cool off than... Splash Bash! On days when the temps soar, we'll cool it down with water games, water challenges, and other wacky activities featuring H2O. If the question is, Got water?, the answer is, We do!

Mystery Wednesdays
We love a good mystery, and we need super sleuths like you to solve our weekly whodunit. Find the clues, decipher the riddles, and discover the answer. You won't need a magnifying glass, but you might need a little math, a little word sense, maybe a little science. And you'll definitely need SPF, because our puzzles will take you out to the playground. So, whodunit? You tell us!

STEM Squad
We pose a problem; you collaborate on clever ways to crack the system, create contraptions, and devise fiendishly ingenious solutions. Last summer, our campers built solar ovens and used the sun's energy to cook up delightfully delicious pizza. Who knows what challenges await the STEM Squad this year? (Hint: you'll need out of the box thinking to survive this summer's out of this world challenge!)

Discovery Camp Decathlon
Every Friday, we transform the whole camp into an athletic arena, and we challenge you to complete 10 titanic tasks. Test your stamina, strength, strategy, and endurance. Cheer on your teammates as you cycle through our Olympic-style events, unleash your inner hero, and get your game on this summer!

Color War
The daily Color War Challenge is quite possibly the most anticipated event of each day, with a series of super silly events. We've played mosquito tag and water balloon baseball. We've devised a brain quest and designed a scavenger hunt. We've seeded the school with color-coded mini-challenges so campers can earn precious points for their team. The team that wins the most challenges is crowned Color War Champ... until next week, that is!

In the afternoons (12:30-2:30 pm or 3:15 pm), kids can concentrate on the activity or hobby they like best. We have afternoon programs for actors and artists, cooks, computer geeks, engineers and inventors, and filmmakers. If your camper is joining us for the afternoon only, we'll make sure they feel welcome and that they find friends. Our full-day campers will be delivered, bellies full and sticky fingers wiped, to the afternoon kick-off, and... off they'll all go!

Discovery Camp: Morning Program (entering K-5)


6/25 to 8/3



  • Greens Farms Elementary School
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