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Aerospace Engineers 250

Aerospace Engineers




9/22/2020 to 10/20/2020


3, 4, 5, 6

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Meeting Times

  • Tuesday 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Take on to the challenge of exploring thrills of high altitudes with dynamic, hands-on flight and aerodynamics-based activities. The journey includes hot air balloons, parachutes, gliders, planes, helicopters & rockets. Come learn how the physics concepts such energy, buoyancy & the forces work together to create the magic of flight! Follow the footsteps of the Wright Brothers & Da Vinci by creating flying machines! Please see the supply list that parents need to provide in the notes below. 

Additional Notes

Supply List:
Week 1: Pencil, Eraser, Worksheets*
Week 2: String, Masking tape, Pencil, Ruler, Paper clips, Paper, Eraser, Scissor, Worksheets*
Week 3: String, Masking tape, Ruler, Pencil, Eraser, Felt material, Plastic or Bubble wrap, Scissor, Worksheets*
Week 4: Pencil, Eraser, Worksheets*
Week 5: 2 Pencils, Eraser, Drinking straw, 1 plastic cup (narrow), String, Scissor, Paper, Worksheets*
*Worksheets will be provided for each session. Students are expected to print them out and have them available before each class.


  • Class Fee $69.00
Total: $69.00

Note: Class has started. Please call the office at 203-341-1209 if you would like to register.